Perma-Zyme 11X

Perma-Zyme 11X

Perma-Zyme has been solving the biggest challenges in soil stabilization for over 30 years. There is often a common confusion about Perma-Zyme 11x and Perma-Zyme when discussing soil stabilization products used for paved and unpaved roads. This is because Perma-Zyme 11x was once sold as a diluted form of Perma-Zyme and also used as a nickname for Perma-Zyme.

Perma-Zyme 11x was originally invented before Substrata was Substrata and was branded as International Enzymes in the 1970s. The enzyme-based soil treatment was developed to bond soil particles together to form a concrete-like surface that is ideal for unpaved road construction and the base layer to paved road construction, and lasts for well over 10 years. In the 1970s and 1980s when Perma-Zyme was being sold, Perma-Zyme was sold to the customer in a diluted form, containing 11-parts water to 1-part Perma-Zyme. This is where the name, Perma-Zyme 11x originated.

Perma-Zyme 11x was later reevaluated due to the rising costs of materials and shipping. It was discovered during the evaluation process that there was not a need for water to be added to the Perma-Zyme. Removing the water helped lower the shipping costs and enhanced the shelf life of the product. International Enzymes then decided to offer Perma-Zyme in two forms, concentrated and diluted. The concentrated form was sold as Perma-Zyme while the diluted form was sold as Perma-Zyme 11x. As time went on it became clear that customers wanted Perma-Zyme and not Perma-Zyme 11x to save money on transit. Since that time Perma-Zyme in the diluted form, Perma-Zyme 11x, is no longer offered and is now only sold as Perma-Zyme. It is common for people to still know of the name Perma-Zyme 11x.

The Perma-Zyme formula is just as effective as Perm-Zyme 11x because it’s the same product! And it’s easier to use due to the smaller packaging size. The rule of thumb that Substrata likes to use is that for a mile long two lane road you will only need 3 5-gallon pails of Perma-Zyme. It is easy to use, it requires no special equipment, thus reducing your construction costs by up to 80%. The formula is still 100% natural, non-hazardous, non-toxic and organic, leaving no environmental impact. Its unique permentation™ process will also stop seepage and erosion, making a perfect application to line ponds.

The Perma-Zyme is proudly manufactured in Henderson, NV United States. Substrata has a stringent quality control process to ensure that all products manufactured will meet the requirements so you as the customer and end user can rest assured your products will perform to your expectations. As Substrata continues to advance, the most important part is ensuring the reputation of Perma-Zyme and continuing the customer’s confidence in the product.

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