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Paved Road Construction

Adding a topcoat of chip seal or asphalt to your Perma-Zyme treated dirt road can create an even longer-lasting paved road.

UnPaved Road Construction

Perma-Zyme is designed for soil stabilization. It uses catalytic bonding to stabilize the clay particles and produce high-density, long-lasting roads.

Permazyme Application

We utilize organic and eco-friendly enzymes to achieve results typically achievable with conventional construction methods.

It is important that the role of the Perna-Zyme supervisor is clearly defined for the duration of the project. It must be remembered that the main objective of the supervisor is to ensure that the Perma-Zyme is applied to the soils evenly and properly.
The supervisor is also there to ensure that the materials are being used optimally in relation to their engineering performance. In no way should the presence of any testing equipment give the supervisor the right to overrule or ignore the advice and opinions of the client road-building team.

It must be remembered that invariably these people have a good working knowledge and
understanding of how these particular materials react and this information should be used advantageously. Monitoring equipment and testing systems that the supervisor uses are there to augment this knowledge and to produce empirical data on the work done that day in order for the road to be evaluated objectively.

Obviously, if basic engineering fundamentals are being ignored the supervisor is in a good position to bring the facts to the attention of the client’s work supervisor. By having objective results and empirical evidence it is then possible to isolate the source of problems if there are any.

“Density tests are, as a rule, a luxury as a routine control test on the road construction.
Heavy rollers are a very good proving tool. After all, tests are only a tool to aid the judgment of engineers and not a substitute for competent engineering supervision”

The Perma-Zyme solution not only works with dirt roads, but it also works with gravel roads. All that needs to be changed in the process is to add a layer of gravel to the top of the road before compacting. After curing, the Perma-Zyme will have bonded the soil particles to the rocks.

Or placing a thin lift of asphalt grinding 2" over an existing Gravel road and incorporating PermaZyme into the mix will provide a solid wearing surface that readily accepts a surface dress for a durable inexpensive road. Even if the budget prevents a final surfacing the treated mix will remain a serviceable road for years until surfacing can be funded. An additional benefit is a noticeable reduction in dust particulate matter. Erosion is greatly decreased with this process.

There's this new method for asphalt reclamation and it's one of the most exciting things to happen in the road rehabilitation and maintenance field. PermaZyme will revolutionize road rehabilitation and repairs. A valuable benefit if this process over the years will be the prevention of asphalt material leaching I into the earth due to the permanent bonding process of PermaZyme Bio-Compactor. As the oil currently used for asphalt becomes more and more scarce, it also becomes more expensive. This fact alone will require everyone in the roads business to make some serious decisions about budget allocations. Cutting back on work needed to be done can only generate more deteriorated roads. Some can only continue to pass the blame and hand out the same excuse that "we don't have the budget money to make those repairs".Or the other option is to rethink the way we currently do business. Everyone has preached for years about recycling more products, becoming as green as possible, and doing everything we can to erase our "footprints". Most road agencies have been stockpiling asphalt grinding for years, never having a cost effective method for reusing them. We have a service that provides a program and method of utilizing those mountains of asphalt grinding. In addition, we are currently looking at opportunities of training people to recycle the asphalt in place. These methods are rapidly going to sweep across the country. You will find that this is the most efficient, cost-effective, and permanent solution to those badly needed road repairs.

When and where the base or sub-base is the root of the problem, full depth reclamation is the solution. This is accomplished by using a grinding machine such as an Asphalt Zippered or a Wertgen type grinding machine or even the tracks of any heavy duty earth moving equipment. Use to grind through and pulverize the asphalt with base materials, while simultaneously injecting Permazyme. Once this material is thoroughly compacted in place, the failure will not reappear. Permazyme is a permanent and inexpensive solution to every base failure. There is no need to haul out material unless another overlay will be on top, then cut off just enough material so the overlay can be leveled with the adjoining roadway.

The method for repairing failed asphalt is exactly the same, called Asphalt reclamation. We have always known that Permazyme works well when asphalt grindings were mixed into the soil being treated. However, recently we discovered Permazyme Bio-Compactor works equally as well with asphalt grindings alone. We are now providing a method that will allow agencies to make repairs, in place to failed asphalt. The days of " mill and fill" are a thing of the past. When asphalt grindings are injected with Permazyme, they bond back together resulting in a product that is even denser and harder than the original. Simply grade the treated asphalt grindings back in place, wet with additional Permazyme, and compact.

Imagine being able to repair rutted asphalt without hauling out old and bringing in new material. The cost of materials, time, and effort saved by using these methods can be calculated easily. It means that the budgeted Naira will go many times further. The only special equipment needed to accomplish either method is a machine to do the grindings.

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A Green Future!

Perma-Zyme is the perfect solution since you can cover a wide space and cut down on future maintenance costs almost completely. It’s a non-toxic, natural solution so you can use it with your bare hands without protective equipment. Even more, Perma-Zyme doesn’t hurt the environment. With Perma-Zyme, you can stabilize your road, stabilize your budget, and stabilize your future.

Permazyme in stockpiles of Asphalt grinding. Permazyme can also work very effectively on Asphalt grinding- we are seeing more and more ways of utilizing old asphaltic grinding. For example, we can pre-inject Permazyme into Asphalt grinding at the maintenance yard to take to the site of a pothole or road failure. The end result provides a permanent repair and is much cheaper to use than cold mix. It will also be set up harder and is more durable than a cold mix. You can make these and similar rehabilitation and spot improvements using the biotech formula all alone.

Road shoulders- An area that continually causes everyone problems and is continually being overlooked is road shoulders. We are currently working with different agencies and teaching our methods of re-establishing shoulders. In many cases, shoulders have been neglected, and we are a drop-off of about one to six inches. These are obvious traffic hazards and will eventually lead to road failures. This is a perfect area to utilize asphalt grinding. They can be incorporated into the road shoulder providing safer roadways and preventing erosion. This is an inexpensive method of providing safety and reducing liabilities.

Gravel Roads

Placing a thin lift of asphalt grinding 2″ over an existing Gravel road and incorporating PermaZyme into the mix will provide a solid wearing surface that readily accepts a surface dress for a durable inexpensive road. Even if the budget prevents a final surfacing the treated mix will remain a serviceable road for years until surfacing can be funded. An additional benefit is a noticeable reduction in dust particulate matter. Erosion is greatly decreased with this process.

PermaZyme Dirty Road
Perma-Zyme ‘s claim to fame is its ability to harden clay particles, creating a concrete-like surface that’s perfect for dirt roads that last 10 years or more.
Permazyme’s proprietary fermentation process works by binding clay particles together in a way not found anywhere else today.
Using Perma-Zyme for unpaved road construction the application does not require any special skills, just standard road construction equipment. After Perma-Zyme ‘s permentation process, dirt roads are like concrete, require little maintenance, emit fewer dust particles into the atmosphere, and handle vehicles of all shapes, sizes, and weights. can do.
Perma-Zyme is the ideal product for improving the reliability of dirt roads and enabling stable traffic in a variety of climates, seasons and conditions. We can now build new subbases using in-situ soil without trucking accumulations of additional road material (if enough particles are present).
Mixing Permazyme with  12cm to 15cm of surface soil produces a sub-base that is stronger and less permeable than sub-bases constructed with any other treatment.